Our Services

  • Healthcare consulting services: provide improvement solutions for our clients which include but are not limited to: business infrastructure, work flow, staffing structure, financial analysis, marketing programs, strategical planning, and risk management.Working collaboratively, GHPL helps our clients to build stronger market power and financial strength to achieve their goals and missions. We also provide a strategic approach to developing and raising the value of your own networks as well as aligning with international organizations.Help our clients stand erect and strong in this dramatically  changing market.

  • ​​Health care organization collaboration: collaboration with organizations and  governments overseas to assist in raising standard healthcare in those countries. Provide customized designed service to affiliated healthcare organizations around the world.  

  • Patient care coordination: provide personal care for the patient (translate patients’ medical records, best match the hospital for the patient, communicate between physicians, Make appointments, airport pick up to hospital admission, logistics for patient family, and provide the emotion and spiritual support in the most cost effective manner. Build a personal and trusting relationship to assists every patient that come to us. 

  • Physician continuing education: coordinate physicians from overseas to attend conferences in the states, arrange short term special subject training at the hospitals, or plan observation trainings. Help physicians from aboard to expand their skills, gain new knowledge and keep pace with new techniques to help improve healthcare globally. Also arrange for US physicians to lecture abroad to expand the US medical footprint in the world.

  • Medical student education exchange: Organize short/long term exchange training program for medical students both abroad and in the US. Begin with UAB medical school first.

  • Medical residency extending program: arrange US medical residents with hospitals in foreign countries for a training period or to attend specific projects. To help US medical residents gain global knowledge and experience. 

  • Medical school/hospital collaboration: collaboration with medical schools, hospitals and governments overseas to assist in raising the standard of healthcare. Provide customized designed service to affiliated healthcare organizations around the world.